So…it’s been two weeks since I’ve graduated from FIT. It’s still surreal to me…lol. However, I’m enjoying my new freedom. The job hunting is a little rough. I actually wrote down all of the places that I’ve applied to thus far. Count as of now: 15. I’ve filled out applications/sent emails/follow-up emails to the places when it’s been two weeks since I sent them my information. It’s a tough road to drive on, but I’m making it. Today, my day was made! I applied for this paid internship yesterday afternoon. And today….I GOT AN EMAIL BACK! The lady at this company said that she liked my work and wants to meet with me next week. I’m so excited about it (not because it’s paid…lol but for this place in general). It’s super cute! The only thing is that it’s located in Brooklyn. I don’t travel to Brooklyn too much, but I’m excited to take this adventure. This is the first of many interviews to come *prays to God 0=)*…til then, I’m just chilling and living the graduate life

By the way: my reaction to the email I got today can be found in the attached GIF